About us

After a lot of travelling around the world, and setting roots in Australia, Charlotte felt like she couldn't find a one stop shop with cool, quirky pieces like the ones she had been collecting from all over the world. She wanted to create a place where you could find cool items, without having to travel to far away exotic locations. She wanted to create a place for lovers of "Things Of everywhere". 

The concept behind Things Of is a result of her passion for cultural diversity and heritage, a place for limited, "different" pieces, that inspire the love for the wondering mind and lifestyle. It is also a collection of items that are just "a must have" in your wardrobe and that can be combined and matched with more special pieces or accessories.

Things Of is a place to dream a little, be bold or to be a beginner fashion experimenter. For us nothing is off limits when it comes to expressing yourself through fashion.

Things Of is for the woman that is not afraid of expressing her femininity, sexiness and strength through color, bold items and eclectic fashion.

Things Of is here to inspire you, make you dream and embrace your true self without fear, through fashion. 


Owner and founder